Our Values

At Clark & Mayfield, we keep it simple when it comes to values—run an honest business, sell a good product, and treat people and the planet well.

Here's how we break it down:

  1. Maintain honesty in what we do, what we make, what we sell, and how we sell it.
  2. Make the best products we can, continually work to improve them, and sell them at the best price for both our customers and for our business future.
  3. Make our company a great place to work or do business with. Treat our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, and everyone else with the highest respect and dignity.
  4. Always work to reduce our environmental impact.
  5. Honor the past, enjoy today, plan for tomorrow.
Clark and Mayfield Founders

Our Story

The Clark & Mayfield story is rooted in a strong dedication to seamless living. Founded by wife and husband team Lauri and Barry DeLaczay, the Portland-based carry-all company grew out of desire to improve the everyday experience of busy professionals. While working as a media specialist at an elementary school, Lauri saw a need for well-designed women's bags that could accommodate all of her daily necessities as well as her laptop. Barry, a computer systems engineer, contributed his focus on function to help create what has become a practical yet beautiful line of technology handbags, rollers, totes and accessories.