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What is a capsule wardrobe?

Creating a capsule wardrobe is about having a finite number of clothing items per season that you absolutely love. Though it takes some pairing down (most capsule wardrobes include only a few dozen clothing items), it's really about gaining freedom, flexibility, and quality of life.

By clearing out the closet clutter and only keeping high-quality, well-fitting, interchangeable clothes you love, many women have found been converted by the capsule wardrobe lifestyle. The capsule concept is popular among ladies who are tired of "too many clothes and nothing to wear" or who want to be more responsible consumers. Capsule wardrobes are also frequently used by long-term travelers, since living out of a suitcase is the epitome of a set wardrobe.

Capsule Wardrobe Resources

Featured on The Oprah Magazine and The Today Show website, Courtney Carver is one of the first female bloggers to bring this trend to the masses with her Project 333.

Cladwell Guide is another great online resource and app for those who want to "live a bigger life with a smaller wardrobe."

Our Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Using the Step By Step Guide to Building a Spring Capsule Wardrobe and referencing Spring 2016 fashion trends, we took up the challenge to compose the perfect Spring 2016 capsule wardrobe for Clark & Mayfield women. 

Spring 2016 Trends

The Look: Urban Idealist. "This woman is up on the news, above the trends, and too busy affecting change to respond to any inane meeting requests. You can tell by that casual twist in her style that she doesn't lose touch with what really matters in her life..." - by InStyle Fashion Trends 2016 Report

Among our choices this Spring are hot items like geometric jewelry, minimalist leather bags, wide leg pants, old school sneakers, lace-up flats, loose square tops, and splashes of bold color. To get an up-close look at each item, check out the links below:

Scoop-neck camisole in navyStriped chiffon blouse, Shawhuaa loose-fit tank top in light greyJ. Crew pop-over shirt in Oxford blueKrochet Kids pocket tee in greySilk chiffon blouse in whiteJ.Crew summerweight sweater in peachKrochet Kids The Nellie infinite scarf in whiteHimmeli gold earrings on EtsyHexagon bracelet set on EtsyMorrison crossbody tablet bag in blackAlder leather laptop carry-all bag in blueH&M circle skirt dressUget belted trench coat in khakiDoublju hooded cardigan in blue3/4 sleeve blazer jacket in blackKUT from the Kloth skinny jeans in whiteLee's Ruby Boyfriend JeansLove Tree Women's linen pants, black midi stretch skirtCarlos Santana tan leather Brie bootRalph Lauren sneaker in whiteSteve Madden women's Eleanorr lace-up flatFayale leather loafers in black

What would you put in your Spring capsule wardrobe?