The Benefits of Becoming A Mompreneur

Modern day moms are making business moves in new and innovative ways. You may have noticed the Lularoe craze, where ladies are using social media and house parties to sell clothing peer-to-peer. Others have launched Etsy shops, provided services or e-products completely online, or even started a technology handbag company for women (Yes, Clark & Mayfield founder, Lauri DeLaczay, is a mompreneur!).

The term "mompreneur" simply comes from the growing trend of women who are balancing motherhood with entrepreneurship. Here are some of the benefits these women are enjoying:

  1. Thanks to the internet, building a business from home is much more accessible. No more choosing between an office job and staying at home.

  2. Entrepreneurship allows flexibility to schedule your work around other family activities.

  3. Of course, additional income for the family is always a plus - whether it be a small side hustle or a full-fledged business.

  4. It sets a great example to your kids of how to be a self-starter and follow your dreams.

  5. Mompreneurs love having variety in their day, using their talents and skills in multiple ways.

Mompreneur Resources

Sound interesting? There are a growing number of resources to support Mompreneurs in their unique challenges. If you're looking to learn more about entrepreneurship as a mother, check out the following: