Clark & Mayfield bags are designed to be your constant companion. With daily use, a few simple tips can keep them from looking the worse for wear. 

Our business and travel bags are made from either nylon or top grain leather. To clean your bag and keep it in the best possible condition, we recommend the following:

For Nylon Bags:

These bags don't need much special care. You can use mild soap and warm water to clear up spots and stains. Just don't put the bag in a washing machine or clothes dryer. (And yes, we've been asked that!)

For Leather Bags:

A mild, neutral leather cleaner and conditioner can help keep leather bags in top shape. You can even use alcohol-free baby wipes, and dry immediately with a soft cloth. 

Conditioning sprays can prevent stains and odors and protect the surface of the leather to help it last longer. You can also buff the bag with a conditioning cream a few times per year for further protection and to keep it looking shiny.

Most leather bag care can be done from home, but for more difficult stains, there are professional leather cleaners that can help.

If you won't be using your bag for a few days or more, stuff it with towels to maintain its shape, wrap it in a soft cloth or bag to protect from dust, and store it in a dry environment to avoid odors or stains.

For Rolling Bags:

To keep the wheels rolling smoothly, first brush off any dried dirt before wiping them down with a soap and water solution. Doing this regularly will avoid any need to lubricate the wheels.

For other hardware on rolling bags, like the expandable handle, zippers, and metal feet, avoid using any kind of oil based cleaner as the oil can seep out and stain the fabric of the bag. Simply wipe the parts down with soap and water, then dry. Scratches may be buffed out with a fine steel wool scrubber and sealed with lacquer or even clear nail polish.