As autumn comes, we tend to find ourselves spending more time indoors and looking for fun family-friendly activities. Here are four simple arts and crafts projects you can do with kids to decorate your home for the season.

1. Cereal Box Turkeys

Here’s a great craft idea that reuses something you probably have around the house already. These cute little turkeys are made with cut outs from cereal boxes and attached to popsicle sticks. These can be done in any size and color, depending on your cereal boxes. Check out the DIY instructions here.

2. Leaf Art

PC:  Kireei

PC: Kireei

As the leaves fall in Autumn, why not collect them for an art project? Simply glue the leaves onto paper to make a variety of fun pictures. For more amazing animal examples, see this post.

3. Pumpkin Apple Stamps

This simple craft project just takes half an apple, paper, and paint. Your kids can stamp the page with an painted apple. Top it off with a green stem and add black to make a jack-o-lantern face. See full instructions here.

4. Leaf Prints

Here’s another great activity to do once the leaves fall. All it takes is paper and paint. No need to color in the lines, just be sure to protect your table! Read the full instructions here.

What are your favorite autumn craft projects? Be sure to check out our “Be Creative” Pinterest board for more holiday craft inspiration.