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This past year, my husband and I increased our ability to travel exponentially. We took two big road trips- one of which was a full month long. Then, we spent five weeks in Europe, three weeks in Jamaica, and took two trips to Hawaii. 

It probably sounds like we're independently wealthy, but I can assure you that we're not. You may be surprised to learn a few things about our travels:

  1. We continued to work off and on throughout all of our trips.

  2. We paid for a hotel room maybe once or twice the whole year.

  3.We booked both pairs of international flights on award miles we had earned within the year, and we flew to Hawaii on "companion tickets" (a discount of hundreds of dollars).

This kind of travel is not exactly typical. Each of these three points is made possible by technological and societal changes that are opening doors for a new sort of traveler. (I'll share more about how to take advantage of these methods in future blog posts.)

Being Digital Nomads

For one, with the availability of internet world-wide, more and more businesses are moving their work online. This means more and more employees and entrepeneurs are no longer bound by geographic location, and a growing number of people are becoming "location independent" or "digital nomads." 

This is essentially what we do that allows us to travel long-term. We do freelance work and are in the process of building a new business - all completely online. We can work from anywhere with internet, so we continue to earn a paycheck while we travel. We don't pay rent or a mortgage, nor do we have home-owners insurance or need to purchase household items on a regular basis. By keeping our expenses low, we're able to use the money we save to travel more.

If you're interested in learning more, Lonely Planet has a great article about digital nomads who are successfully traveling full time or living abroad. 

But don't worry if you're not up for making the transition to a nomadic lifestyle. There are plenty of other tricks for saving money on travel accommodations and flights that are accessible to any traveler. I'll be sharing more about these in a future post, so stay tuned!

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