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Opportunities to work from home are far from rare these days. For many families, this opens the door for one - or both - parents to stay at home and save money on both childcare and commuting costs. If you've been contemplating a job you can do from home, perhaps you'll find further inspiration from our list of "stay at home" jobs:

1. Freelance writing, editing, blogging, etc. (see UpWork.com)

2. Making and selling home-made products (see Etsy.com)

3. In-home childcare

4. Coaching or teaching online classes (see Udemy.com)

5. Running an online services business (accounting, bookkeeping, law, business consulting, etc.)

6. Working remotely for a company (see this list of companies that hire remotely)

7. Photography

8. Graphic design

9. Being a Virtual Assistant (see HireMyMom.com)

10. Managing your own business remotely, or starting a side hustle (see Smart Side Hustle Ideas)


For another great list of stay-at-home jobs, see these 60+ examples from real stay-at-home moms.


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